978bet | Everything you need to know about 978bet

Currently, the online game market in Vietnam is developing very strongly. Especially the number of new bookmakers entering our country is extremely large.

978bet | Everything you need to know about 978bet

If you are looking for a new private label, ensure the safety and legitimacy of bettors. 978bet is an online gambling platform that currently operates as an online gambling company. After joining the house, you will experience the betting game they offer. Did the player win the bet in any game? The bookie will also pay you based on the rate they provide to your betting account.

The business motto in the business field is "based on integrity". This is the reason why the house brings transparency, the best betting entertainment space and ensures fairness for players.

In addition, game companies are also drastically strengthening their privacy and cybersecurity policies. Possesses modern and advanced encryption and customer information security technology. You can rest assured that your personal information will not be used or stolen by anyone. Legality is a factor that helps real estate operate in the market for a long time. Possess a legal business license issued by the Philippine government. 978bet has officially become a legal and transparent game park.

Online betting games at 978bet

At 978bet's online casino, the gaming options available include a wide variety of online gambling games. While players can also play live versions of table games, such as blackjack, roulette, one aspect our betting experts don't like about the game selection is the way it is organized. office. It can be really difficult to go through the bets and find a particular game that you like. However, when it comes to variety and richness, 978bet's game selection will not disappoint!

978bet online sports betting

This is a very popular casino for Vietnamese sports fans, which can join and invest in gambling. This is why sports are always an important betting product and also the reason that bookmakers care about it the most. The best part of 978bet is its amazing sports betting game. Regardless of what sport you want to bet on, you should be able to at least find a few markets. In 978bet you can even bet on the weather and political decisions, so the possibilities are truly endless.

Online casino betting at 978bet

Live Casino is an extremely interesting, attractive and diverse online casino for you to choose by. When playing games in this lobby, you will participate in the provider's betting system, for example: There are also many games in the lobby so you can try it out before going live. For example: Dragon Tiger, Baccarat, Xoc Xoc, Sic Bo… The demo function allows you to experience the best before you actually start playing.

Betting on E sport e-sports at 978bet

978bet's eSports are powered by the popular Avia Gaming platform. You will experience betting on top events, such as: League of Legends, Dota 2, CS GO, etc. Join the experience here, you will enjoy an attractive and non-exclusive entertainment space. limit. In addition, if you are lucky, players will also earn bonuses for themselves when winning bets.

Exploding jars online at 978bet

Slot game is an attractive game for players. These games have simple gameplay and are very easy to understand. When you are lucky enough to spin the prizes, you also have the opportunity to win yourself huge bonuses. To play everything you need to do in this arcade machine, you just have to place a bet and spin. Then wait for your luck to collect the bonus. Currently, the game company has cooperated with many famous Asian slot game providers. Therefore, the quality of entertainment games here is extremely high. .And always ensure the honesty of the participants.

Online gambling 978bet

The card game seems to be a casino designed primarily for Vietnamese gamblers. Because here, the house has brought familiar card games to Vietnam such as going forward, voting crab, blackjack, etc. These are mostly high-confrontation card games for players to bet on. Members when participating in gambling here will be able to play with many other players around the world. Of course, you will have an extremely dramatic and thrilling experience.

Register an account at 978bet

. To participate in any of the casino games at 978bet Casino, you need to start with the first step of creating a member account. How to create a member account. Players are using the 978bet link that we have successfully shared above. Click "Register" and fill out the registration form displayed. Information includes:

 Account name: This is the name used at the house 978bet, written directly, without accents, with a length of 6-15 characters.

 Currency: You choose VND (Vietnam Dong).

 Set password: Password consists of 6-1 alphanumeric characters.

 Confirm password: You re-enter the exact password created above.

Click and drag to complete the image provided by the system. This action proves you are a real person, not a robot and then need to tick my 18 years old box...

Finally, you check all the information on the registry. Then, click Create Account to send a registration request to 978bet. Once this request is approved, you will officially become a member of 978bet and participate in betting here.

Deposit betting on 978bet

To bet on 978bet, the member account needs to have funds. When you want to deposit money into your betting account, please choose the following deposit methods supported by the bookie:

Use the bank

You select the wallet item displayed on the interface -> The new interface displays the deposit methods that the house supports. Here, choose a transfer method, then choose a bank deposit method supported by 978bet.

The new interface displays the bank account information of the 978bet representative. Players need to save the house's bank account information to make a deposit.

When making a deposit, you will use one of 3 transfer methods: top up at ATM, top up at bank counter and top up via bank. The player continues to transfer the amount to the banker's bank account.

 After successful deposit, please fill in the transfer information in 978bet's local bank deposit confirmation column.

The house will receive and process the deposit transactions of betting players. Your deposit will be instantly transferred to your betting account.

Online payment gateway

Using online payment deposit will make the transaction processing extremely fast. The specific deposit methods are as follows:

 After logging in to 978bet, members choose an online payment method in the deposit transaction.

The new interface displays the banks that the house supports to top up via online payment. Here, you choose a bank to continue depositing money into your betting account with the bookie.

 After choosing a bank, in the new interface, select the amount you want to deposit into the house, and then click Submit.

After clicking submit, the interface will display a form allowing the member to log in to their online banking account. Players fill in their username + bank account password, then confirm the deposit is complete at 978bet.

Using e-wallets

As a member, when you have a Zalopay account, you can use the account to top up at home. Deposit methods are as follows:

 At the top up interface, you choose Zalopay.

 Then, the member fills in the amount of money he wants to deposit into his 978bet account, and then clicks send.

 After clicking submit, the interface will display a payment form with a QR code representing the house 978bet.

Now members need to log in to their Zalopay account to make a deposit. After successfully logging in, you can use the QR code scanning function to top up your 978bet account. Pass, members scan the house's QR code and you're done.

In addition, when members choose to use Momo or Viettel to recharge, the method of top-up is similar to Zalo Pay. As long as you have an e-wallet account, you can save money at home this way.

Promotions 978bet

The 978bet promotion plan is an activity implemented by the company to show gratitude to its members. Especially the promotional activities for members are extremely valuable, especially the following bonus plans:

Welcome new member

After a new member registers an account, a member has successfully placed a bet at 978bet. When participating in the house's promotions, you will have the opportunity to receive rich rewards. That is:

The member has successfully registered a betting account and fully updated his personal information. You then proceed to download the 978bet app and log in to your mobile app.

Members will receive a welcome bonus when they make their first deposit at the hotel. The bonus is equal to 100% of the amount the member deposits into their betting account.

Members deposit 40% of the deposit value into the house account. Members participating in this promotion must complete 15 betting rounds before they can withdraw their funds.

Members who reload at the end of the week will receive an additional 20% bonus by the house. When a member withdraws, the number of spins required to complete the betting round is 10 rounds.

Outstanding advantages make 978bet brand

Although new, it has the following outstanding advantages. 978bet has officially won the trust of bettors by wanting to serve all betting members around the world. 978bet casino offers extremely diverse and rich odds. The minimum bet is 2 dozen, and the maximum bet is unlimited. Most bettors can invest in any game offered by the bookie.

Good odds

Because we want to provide services to all gambling members worldwide. 978bet casino offers extremely diverse and rich odds. The minimum bet is 20,000 VND and the maximum bet is unlimited. Most bettors can invest in any game offered by the bookie.

Good looking interface

As it is a new private label everything in 978bet is very modern. The interface is the element that shows this most clearly. The content of the website is fully provided to the players in a modern and simple design. When experiencing on the real estate website, you will find it very simple and easy to understand.

Many attractive offers

The reward plan is regularly and continuously organized by the house. Thanks to that, when you join this bookie, you all have the opportunity to receive free bonuses. This is considered one of the factors that players love when participating in playing the villa.

Some frequently asked questions at 978bet

As a new private label, issues regarding 978bet have been raised. Below, we want to answer the most frequently asked questions about the 978bet bookie.

Why account verification?

When a member is playing a game at 978bet, if your account is logged in abnormally or shows signs of fraud. At this time, the bookie will ask the member to verify the betting account. Ensure that the member's account is safe and effective when playing games at the house. You need to provide documents to verify your member account.

How to recover forgotten password?

Members want to recover their forgotten betting account password. You just need to click Forgot Password -> Fill in your email information to open a 978bet account, then click Submit.

The bookie system will resend an email to provide a new password to the member. Please check your email and get a new password for your betting account. Through the sharing article, you have a deeper understanding of the 978bet house, right? Although it is a new house brand, the things they bring are rated as very high quality and top notch. Therefore, you can rest assured to choose this online casino to invest your money.