What is an online betting and how to win?

So how can you participate in making money with this form if you have no experience? The secret to learning how to win football betting?

What is an online betting and how to win?

Nowadays, betting at online betting sites has gradually become an effective and popular method of making money through the internet. So how can you participate in making money with this form if you have no experience? The secret to learning how to win football betting? 978bet will guide future betting players in detail through the article below.


How to play football betting online?

In fact, the steps to be able to make money by winning online football betting are extremely simple. As long as you have a device connected to the internet, you can register to play and bet anytime.

Steps to get started:

First, you have to find yourself a website, a suitable bookie. Then perform these simple steps:

  • Sign up for an account.
  • Top up the account (there are many ways to top up the account today such as recharge by phone card, by internet banking or e-wallets like momo, zalo pay, viettel pay).
  • Bet, choose your favorite match and place a bet.

Most of the bookie's websites have detailed instructions on how to place a bet and how to make a deposit. So, for those who are new to the game, don't worry too much.

Check carefully

This is an extremely important thing in football betting. Because participants have to collect and analyze a lot of information by the teams to be able to make the most accurate choices. So, what are the odds?

First: Notice the rankings of the two teams on the current standings. Most of the strong and stable teams will have high rankings. Then, choose whether the bet is over or under.

Second: Learn carefully the current situation about the two teams at that time. See the list of matches, gameplay and player status. A small trick is that now there are always websites that analyze the gameplay, tactics and win rate for you to refer to.

Note: If the stronger team is the away team, the odds are handicap 1/2 to 1 left. Such a small handicap means that the two teams have a huge difference in strength. Therefore, choose the lower bet for safety.

Betting budget management strategy

A sure way to ensure your safety that you will not lose if you strictly follow this policy. For example, if you choose the right door and the win rate is up to 70%, then placing the right amount will help you increase your win rate to 90%.


Therefore, placing how much and in which match will help you have an overview and ensure your budget. A small tip for how to play is as follows. Incremental bets, which means that your bet after each match is increased slightly if the previous game is won by you.

Assuming game 1 you win, through game 2 you can add half of your bet. The chance of winning may be higher and the amount of money lost is not much. However, make sure you have carefully looked at the bets as described in method 1 before applying this method at play.

Playing football betting leaves short-term investment but also needs players to have a certain patience. For new players, it will take some time to gain experience before hitting the hand and seeing the fragrant and the door. For those of you who have a little experience in applying tactics, you need to patiently stick to the outlined tactics.

Never bet with the crowd

The best experience for you when playing is not to follow the crowd. Maintain your perspective to bet in the most reasonable way.

In addition, if you have been playing betting for a long time, you will also somewhat understand this. That is, there are some less reputable bookmakers (only some, but not all) that have the ability to affect the outcome of the match.

Therefore, if you follow the crowd, it is likely that it will be easier to lose because the bookies never want to "join the money" for the side with the higher percentage of bets because they will lose heavily.

The experience gained every day is quite valuable, you should learn by those who have gone before so that you can draw your own direction.

Choose the bet door

In addition to carefully examining the odds, choosing a betting door is also very important. You should remember, the house has a team of betting day and night. Therefore, the results they give may be the most correct. Up to 80% correct. So reading the house will be a pretty sure way.

Some notes for you guys as follows:

  • If the strong team plays away, the handicap is 1/2 - 1 left. The force is not too different, choosing the lower door will have a higher probability of eating.
  • If the two sides have equal strength, choose the away team and choose the match for the ball. Because the away team will try harder to get 1 point by the away field.

Stay mentally strong

One of the most effective ways to bet on football is to keep a good mentality and be consistent with the initial strategy. Many players because they do not maintain a good mentality, easily panic and change tactics, which leads to unnecessary losses.

For new players, it will take a long time to be able to accurately evaluate the bets and make a good bet on every match. So, just be patient according to the predetermined strategy, you will definitely never lose.

Don't let emotions affect your bets

I know there are quite a few brothers because they love a certain team but don't dare to bet on the other team. This is a rather erroneous thought that the forerunners often committed in the past.

Therefore, you should not influence the outcome of your bets because of your own admiration for a certain fortune-telling team. In particular, avoid or be as careful as possible in matches with a sudden high payout, or the bets are changed 180 degrees before the match.

Control yourself, avoid plunging into the vortex of money

The biggest mistake of an unavoidable bettor is that when they win, they want to win more, when they lose, they want to remove and so they are stuck in a vortex with no way out.

Greed is the biggest enemy of football betting. Our forefathers have a saying "greed is deep", so it shouldn't just be because of a little greed that causes the pocket to be wasted. If you don't bet today, you can still continue tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. But because of greed to bet and lose money, it is difficult to have money to bet again. There are still many good opportunities waiting for you ahead, there is no need to rush.

Ideally, draw a finish line and a betting plan according to expectations. Winning but losing must also be accepted. That's the best way to control yourself.

Especially on the days of judging yourself as being black and losing in a row, you should stop for a day to keep your mind clear. Then look back to see where you have analyzed wrong and adjust it well.

Keep a close eye on the house's bets to avoid being "set" by the bets

As I said before in the 3rd item, there are many bookies that use sophisticated tricks to change the bet level or table rate to hit the player's psychology.

This is called the phenomenon of “virtual shadow”, it causes many people to fall into traps and lose matches. You must always keep a cool head, mentally stable when checking the house, then victory will definitely be within reach.


Positive thinking

Always keep in mind that football betting is not the only way to get rich, but consider this as just a simple form of entertainment, helping you to have sublime emotions in life.

More than that, it is possible to increase a part of your income for yourself and your family, but don't put too much emphasis on it. The 7th item has also been mentioned, you must be very alert so as not to make the mistake that more than 90% of Bet players have ever encountered.

Therefore, when participating in betting, you should keep your spirit and mind comfortable, not too risky, so that thinking about changing your life will overwhelm you. Avoid being in debt, which has a great influence on psychology, the future and the people around.

Bet on the online bookie how to win?

There are 2 types of bets: dead bets – the match has not happened yet and live bets, also known as shake bets when the match has started.

With death bets, you have to choose the match you are interested in 3-4 days before the match happens. Read the information of that match carefully. Observe the fluctuation of the odds that you want to place. At first, you should only focus on placing one type of rafters. Such as focusing on the over and under bets to grasp how this bet is placed.

The closer to when the match takes place, the more the odds change. Wait until about 45 minutes of the match, analyze this fluctuation to make a betting decision.

As for live bets - shake bets, you should monitor the progress of the match and the volatility of the bets to place at the right time at the right time.

Where can I find information about the odds analysis?

With today's modern times, there are many sources for your reference. Such as TV, football newspaper, information website, betting site. Or right on the online football betting house.

Different sources will have different strengths and weaknesses. With TV, the information will be more direct, but only surface information, not in depth analysis. Information in newspapers has more in-depth analysis but the ability to update is low. On the website specializing in betting, it only provides betting information. On the house, only information about the volatility of the market is provided.

In addition, there is an important source of information that is statistical results, there are websites that specialize in statistics and provide many important parameters for everyone to refer to, but "unique" statistics are often are published in the form of journals, professional books or appear scattered in the press.

Therefore, you should synthesize that information and make the most accurate conclusions.


The analysis must have been quite long, I would like to end the topic of instructions on how to play football betting online here.

There is an old saying that "knows people, knows one hundred battles, one hundred wins". When participating in a type of football betting where you have no information, it is very easy to lose or even break the rules of the game. So, learn carefully about the types of betting before deciding which type to follow.

Football betting tips come in many forms, each person will have a different tip, but one thing that no one should forget is knowing when to stop. This is the most important thing. There are many people because of their passion that leads to the destruction of their homes and causes many other serious consequences. However, besides that, there are still many people who rely on football betting to make money and earn a lot of money. All of this is based on knowing yourself, knowing when to stop.

All the secrets are just based on experience and theory by those who have gone before, the key to success is in yourself, keep a cool head and a strong mentality when participating in betting.

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