Which Football Bet Is Easiest To Win?

Which Football Bet Is Easiest To Win?

Sports betting is now legal throughout the world. Retail sportsbooks predominate in some places, while internet sports betting services have the largest player bases in others.

European countries lead the way to online sports betting sectors, while the burgeoning US sports betting market follows.

Sports betting aficionados living in places where games betting is allowed now have a plethora of options to put wagers on their favorite sports, with multinational iGaming businesses offering their services. 

●      Football Betting in 2022

Football is the most favored sport in Europe and the rest of the globe. Football enthusiasts will be rewarded with incredible winning opportunities in 2021, as in several big football competitions.

The finest betting sites and their incentives for football players, according to best-betting sites, reward their newbies with free bet bonuses, large deposit bonuses, and, of course, cover all of the leading international and local sports events.

Football is one of the most famous sports globally for betting on, accounting for more than 40% of all bettors' money. Because there are so many football games played regularly. The football sports betting trade is one of the most competitive and profitable, and many football fans and fanatics make a life by making bets.

Regardless of your budget or experience, the top five easiest football bets we will look at further can help you increase your winning odds, and they are as follows:

  1. Over/under bets
  2. Both teams to score bets
  3. Double chance bets
  4. Half time bets (under/over)
  5. Draw no bets


Over/Under Bets

When discussing the easiest bets, over/under bets must be mentioned first. Bookmakers establish the total for football matches between two teams based on their predictions.

As a sports bettor, you also forecast the total number of goals scored by both teams, and you choose whether to wager under or over the total number of goals specified by your bookmaker.

This football sports betting market is incredibly popular among sports betting aficionados, with the 2.5 margins being the most popular, regardless of whether bettors stake under or over this margin.

If two football clubs are known for their aggressive tendencies, betting over this 2.5 margin is the most incredible option.

If you bet on under 2.5 goals, the game must end with a bad score, like one or two goals scored in total. Over/under football bets, in general, have higher winning odds, which is why many football fans choose them over other betting options.


Both Teams to Score Goals bets

Both teams to score goals is a standard wager among football bettors. Both teams to score goals bets, as the name suggests, include predicting whether both football teams will score one or more goals in the first and second halves of the game.

You don't want to bet on both teams to score goals every time, but when two aggressive football teams compete, both teams score goals bets are the simplest to win.

Essentially, some football matches have a more significant chance of both teams scoring goals, and every football fan knows which teams those are.


Double Chance Bets

Then there are easy-to-win double chance bets, which are popular alternatives to straight winners. All football matches have three possible outcomes: a draw, a loss, and a win.

When you place a straight win bet, you choose one of these three possibilities. In most circumstances, bettors wager on the home team winning or the away team winning, which means they can lose by the other two possibilities. You can only lose by one of the three possibilities when you put a double chance bet.

If you place a double chance bet on the home side to win or the football match to end in a tie, you will only lose if the away team wins. Almost 98 percent of double chance wagers placed on a favored team win. Double chance bets are also easier to win when placed on defensive teams.

Overall, double chance bets cut your losing odds dramatically by making your bet a winning bet in two of only three possible outcomes.


Half time bets

Football bettors enjoy placing half-time wagers as well. When opposed to other betting options, they are fast-paced since you wager on what may happen within 45 minutes of a football match rather than ninety minutes.

When it comes to the most popular half-time bets, these include practically every bet that can be placed in full time, such as predicting which team will score more goals in a half time and the very popular over/under bets. Because most football matches do not go over four goals in the first 45 minutes, making half-time under bets has the best winning odds.


Draw no bets

In general, draw no bets are simpler to win than regular away or home bets. When you place a draw no bet, you bet on a football team, either the away or home club, to win the match and hope that it does not result in a tie.

If the game is a draw, you will receive your full stake returned. While these are the most straightforward football bets, many others, such as correct score, half-time score, and odd or even bets, carry higher risks and are incredibly difficult to anticipate in any condition.