Why is Online Gambling so Popular in Vietnam?

For a long time, Vietnam has been in its long way from the time it was facing the previous century’s problems. It has managed to develop the highest rate of growth in the world after unifying Communist rule.

Why is Online Gambling so Popular in Vietnam?

Despite the history that Vietnam has had, its government has also revealed signs of warming following the rather consuming gambling concept. Vietnam has currently provided licenses to the places with casinos in the whole nation, but the foreign citizens can only access these casinos. Away from that, there is technology, and citizens in the nation depend on technology so that they can be able to get the wealth that is found in the foreign-based gambling sites. Therefore, the availability of technology in Vietnam has enhanced gambling’s continuous availability as everyone uses it to get access to gambling sites, whereby it is hard for them to be noted and punished.

There three main factors why online gambling industry is taking off last two years:


  • The COVID-19 pandemic has reignited an interest in Vietnam’s already growing online gaming industry, which continues to see high growth rates and increasing revenues.
  • Mobile games developed by foreign gaming giants dominate the market, but opportunities exist in other sub-sectors including locally developed casual games.
  • Foreign investors will have to navigate and abide by Vietnamese regulations to obtain the required license for their product, an important step in establishing their business in the country.

With countries around the world ordering their citizens to stay at home to fight off COVID-19, the gaming, and e-sports (or electronic sports) industry has taken off. However, even before the pandemic, there were expectations that gaming would grow exponentially – not only in developed regions but also in fast-developing countries like Vietnam.

Nowadays there are so many sporting attractions that keep on increasing the appetite of gambling, which results in the generation of a lot of money worth bets in a single month. Over a long time, the citizens if Vietnam has developed a strong taste of rugby and football, even though they are usually following largely for Aussie Rules Football. Importantly, this is encouraged by an invasion of ex-pats from Australia, who aided in establishing what is currently known to be amongst the most up-and-coming Aussie Rule in the League of Asia: The Vietnam Swans. In addition to that, the citizens of Vietnam being able to access the obliged casinos that are foreign hoisted has also generated a strong passion for several casino like 978bet games etc. which has resulted in gambling being very popular in Vietnam.

In conclusion, we would like to add while all these restrictions on online gambling still exist, there have been other mixed reactions and opinions towards gambling in the country. Vietnam frequently has discussions on minimising the penalties surrounding the new forms of online gambling.




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